Portia Njoku, M.M. 


Curriculum Vitae 


Master of Music, Composition and Tuba Performance December 2010

California State University Sacramento – Sacramento, CA 

Thesis: In Dreams (see attached abstract)

Bachelor of Arts, Music Composition and Theory March 2007

University of California Davis – Davis, CA 


Online Teaching Institute, American River College September 2018 

Online Teaching Certificate Program, Merritt College July 2013 

Online Teaching, American River College May 2013 


Music Lecturer - Tuba, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA 2021 - present

Music Adjunct Assistant Professor, Folsom Lake College, Rancho Cordova, CA 2019 - present 

Music Adjunct Assistant Professor, American River College, Sacramento, CA June 2018 - present 

Low Brass Coach, San Francisco Gay Lesbian Freedom Band, San Francisco, CA, September 2018 

Instructional Assistant- Music, American River College, Sacramento, CA 2013 – 2020

Instructional Assistant- Music, Coyote Ridge Elementary School, Roseville, CA  2014 – 2020

Assistant Director of Bands, American River College, Sacramento, CA, January – May 2013 

LRCCD Music Faculty Diversity Intern, American River College, Sacramento, CA, January - May 2013 

Tuba Instructor, Davis/Sacramento, CA, 2004 – present 

Beginning/Intermediate Piano Teacher, South Bay Area, CA, 2011 – 2012 

Brass Coach, UC Davis Concert Band, Davis, CA, 2007 – 2010 

Brass Coach, Community Women’s Orchestra, Oakland, CA, 2011 

Graduate Student, CSU Sacramento Music, Sacramento, CA, 2008 – 2010 

Brass Coach, California Aggie Marching Band-uh!: Davis, CA, 2007 – 2010 

Tuba Demonstrator, UC Davis Music, Davis, CA, 2008 

Music Theory Teacher/ Camp Counselor, Pacific Music Camp, Stockton, CA, 2008 


2015     “Come Down to Joyland”         Baritone Voice, Flute, Clarinet, and Tuba 

2014     “Early Morning Blue”                Mixed Women’s voices 

2010     “In Dreams” Masters Thesis   Chamber ensemble 

2009     “Eastern Dances”                     String quartet 

2009     “Fanfare for a King”                 Tuba quartet 

2009     “Human Nature”                      Bass trombone with mixed percussion 

2008     “Reparté”                                   Mixed ensemble 

2008     “Elegy for a King”                      Tuba quartet 

2007     “Call of the Sea”                        Trumpet with piano 

2006     “Suite of Dances”                      Brass quintet 

2006     “Harmonic Motion”                  Mixed ensemble 

2006     “Fanfare for Three Trumpets” 

2005     “Short pieces for marimba” 

2005     “Trio for Three Saxes” 


Box Office Manager/Ticketing Coordinator, Sacramento, CA October 2013- Present 

Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera, Sacramento, CA April 2015- July 2015 

Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra, Rancho Cordova, CA 2015- Present 

Camerata California, Sacramento, CA November 2013- Present 

American River College Music Department, Sacramento, CA October 2013- May 2014 

Workshop Coordinator, CALCAP Chamber Music Workshop, Sacramento, CA July 2012- Present 

Research Assistant, UC Davis Plant Environmental Services, Davis, CA, 2010 – 2017 

Seating Adjudicator, Sacramento Youth Symphony, Sacramento, CA, June 2016 

Music Librarian, Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera, Sacramento, CA July 2015- June 2016 

Seating Audition Adjudicator, Davis Senior High School, Davis, CA, February 2010 

Music Librarian Assistant, Sacramento Philharmonic, Sacramento, CA, March 2009 

Greenhouse Assistant, UC Davis Plant Biology, Davis, CA, 2003 – 2007 

Orchestra Librarian and Manager, UC Davis Music, Davis, CA, 2006 – 2007 


Board of Directors Member for VITA Academy 2018 - present 

Traditional Jazz Society 2017 - 2018 

Member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society 2010 - 2011 

Member of California Lawyers for the Arts 2014 - present 

Member of International Tuba Euphonium Association 2008 - 2010 

Sonic Bloom Composer's Group 2007 


The Double X Brass Band 2019 - present

Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy Beatles’ Shows 2018 - present 

Solano Symphony 2016 – 2017 

Grand Isle Fire Brigade Brass Band 2012 – present 

American River College Orchestra 2011 – present 

American River Brass Quintet 2008 – 2012 

UC Davis Concert Band 2007 – 2017 

Sierra Nevada Winds 2015 – 2016 

Camellia Symphony Orchestra 2013 – 2015 

UC Davis University Chorus 2012 – present 

Benicia Ballet 2012 – 2015 

Napa Ballet 2012 – 2015 

Symphony of Northern California 2012 – 2015 

Soloist with UC Davis Concert Band 2012 

Folsom Lake Symphony Orchestra 2008 – 2011 

Sacramento State Tuba Quartet 2008 – 2010 

UC Davis Symphony Orchestra 2008 – present 

Community Women’s Orchestra 2008 – 2010 

Soloist with UC Davis Concert Band 2008 

UC Davis Wind Ensemble 2007 – 2010 

Compass Point Brass Quintet 2005 – 2006 


Sacramento Youth Symphony African American Composers’ Concert 2019 

Sacramento Jazz Education Foundation 2018 

Sierra Nevada Winds Ensemble 2013, 2015, 2016, & 2018 

Carnegie Foundation Link Up Program Concerts 2013 - 2017 

Grand Isle Fire Brigade Brass Band 2013 

Clarksburg Community Band 2012 

Oakland Public Conservatory 2012 

American River College Symphony Orchestra 2011 

Roseville Community Concert Band 2011 

Sacramento Youth Band 2011 

American River Brass Quintet Outreach Concerts 2010 – 2011 

Community Women’s Orchestra 2010 – 2011 

Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra’s Target Music Outreach Program 2010 

CSUS Tuba Quartet Presents Down in the Valley: A Festival of Tuba and Euphonium 2008 – 2010 


Velvet Brown, tuba 2008 

The Meridian Arts Ensemble, composition 2009 

Øystein Baadsvik, tuba 2010 

Scott Macomber, tuba 2008 

Atlantic Brass Quintet, tuba 2008 

Kenneth Froelich, composition 2008 

New York New Music Ensemble, composition 2005 


American River College Classified Professional of the Year 2016 

Nominee for Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society 2010 

Mu Phi Epsilon Nominee 2008 

American Composers Forum Golden Gate Brass Composition Reading Finalist 2007 

Mentorship in Undergraduate Research in Agriculture, Letters, and Science Fellowship 2006 

Department Citation in Music 2006 

Dean's List 2005-2006 

Tuba Scholarship 2005 



2009 – 2010 Leo Eylar, California State University Sacramento, CA 

2007 – 2009 Stephen Blumberg, California State University Sacramento, CA 

2006 Andrew Frank, University of California Davis, CA 

2005 – 2006 Pablo Ortiz, University of California Davis, CA 


2007 – 2010 Julian Dixon, Tuba at California State University Sacramento, CA 

2004 – 2006 Scott Choate, Tuba at University of California Davis, CA 

2003 – 2004 Bruce Chrisp, Tuba at University of California Davis, CA 


Njoku, Portia O., and Steven D. Thompson. Basic Musicianship and Fundamentals: A New Approach. 1st ed. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt, 2018. June 2018. he.kendallhunt.com. 

Njoku, Portia Onyenachi.  “In Dreams.” Master’s thesis, Sacramento State, 2010. 


Njoku, Portia, “Elegy for a King,” O quam mirabilis.  Performed by Joanna Ross Hersey. 

Joanna Ross Hersey 884502375763, 2010, compact disc. 


UC Davis Symphony Orchestra, University Chorus, and Alumni Chorus, Verdi Requiem, 

Jeffrey Thomas, Conductor, UCTV, University of California Regents, Live Performance Recorded June 12, 2004. 

UC Davis Symphony Orchestra, University Chorus, and Alumni Chorus, Mahler 

Symphony No. 2 “Resurrection”, D. Kern Holoman, Conductor, UCTV, University of California Regents, Live Performance Recorded March 13, 2005. 

UC Davis Symphony Orchestra, Dvorak Slavonic Dance in B Major, Berg Violin 

Concerto, Copland Appalachian Spring, D. Kern Holoman, Conductor, UCTV, University of California Regents, Live Performance Recorded March 12, 2006. 

UC Davis Symphony Orchestra, University Chorus, and Alumni Chorus, Orff Carmina 

Burana, Jeffrey Thomas, Conductor, UCTV, University of California Regents, Live Performance Recorded June 4, 2006. 



2011 Iolanthe Tuba 

2010 Singing in the Rain Tuba 

2007 Man of La Mancha Bass Trombone 

2006 Cabaret Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, and Baritone Sax 

2004 Into the Woods Clarinet and Bass Clarinet 


UC Davis Alumni Chorus (Alto) 2014 & 2015 

UC Berkeley Summer Symphony 2008 – 2009 

UC Davis Summer Symphony 2006 – 2008 

UC Davis University Chorus (Alto) 2003 – 2004 


Heavy Metal Tuba Euphonium Ensemble (American River College) 2013 

Roseville Brass Quintet 2011 – 2012 

Graduate Tuba Recital 2008 and 2010 

Graduate Composition Lecture Recital 2010 

Sacramento Symphonic Tuba Euphonium Choir 2009 – 2010 

Sacramento State New Music Ensemble 2008 

Undergraduate Composition Recital 2006 

Undergraduate Tuba Recital 2006 

Stravinsky Octet (Bass Trombone) 2005 

UC Davis Trombone Choir 2003 – 2004 


Available upon request. 





by  Portia Onyenachi Njoku  

The intention of this work is to portray the composer’s recurring childhood dreams by painting a musical picture of the moods during the dream sequences.  In Dreams is a 10-piece chamber ensemble, which uses a cyclic formal structure.  It is scored for flute/piccolo, clarinet in B-flat/bass clarinet, trumpet in B-flat, trombone, drum set with whistle, piano, two violins, viola, and cello, and lasts approximately a little over 14 minutes.  The piece was written with the intention of using music to connect disjunct scenes from the composer’s recurring dreams smoothly so that the two types of dream scenes can weave in and out of each other like streams of consciousness.  The two types of dreams are representative of the composer’s first encounter with a clown at a fair and her family living in four different homes. The key component of this work is the use of thematic transformation. The contrasting thematic and stylistic material for the circus clown music and the four home locations are the basis for this cyclic progression and undergo changes each time these themes reappear.  This thematic transformation facilitates the audience’s ability to become familiar with the themes and types of music, and thus, allowing the audience to follow along on the musical journey. Jason Pano directed the chamber ensemble, which premiered In Dreams on November 23, 2010.